What is AWC?


  1. 2014
    Asia Water High-level Roundtable
    Water High-level Roundtable to develop Consensus and sustainable network to seek solutions of Asia Water Problems.
  2. 2015
    7th World Water Forum
    The establishment of AWC was declared during the forum by concluding the 5 AWHoT meetings.
  3. 2016
    AWC Establishment
    AWC was launched at the inaugural general assembly in Bali, Indonesia on 24-26 March 2016.
  4. 2017
    1st AIWW
    Under the theme of ‘Asian Solutions for Water’, 15,000+ participants attended at the 1st Asia International Water Week which was held in Daegu, Rep. of Korea, whose outcome was conveyed to 8th World Water Forum to raise Asia’s water issues toward the world.
  5. 2018
    Expanding Cooperation
    AWC has expanded its global network in the water sector by organizing thematic sessions at numerous global water events, conducting joint research, and implementing water projects. AWC was elected as a Board of Governor of the World Water Council.
  6. 2019
    3rd General Assembly
    AWC members elected the 2nd President and the 27 Board of Council members on 14-15 March 2019 in Manila, Philippines.
  7. 2020
    COVID-19 responses
    Due to the pandemic, AWC has transformed its in-person activities into virtual forms to keep the continuity of its works and cooperation with members and partners. AWC successfully held the 11th, 12th Board meetings as virtual conferences while hosting global water events online.
  8. 2021
    2rd AIWW On-Air
    AWC hosted the 2nd AIWW On-Air, a series of webinars as prior events of the 2nd AIWW, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) of Indonesia.
  9. 2022
    2rd AIWW
    AWC successfully held the 2nd Asia International Water Week on 14-16 March 2022, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia under the main theme of ‘Sustainable, Clean, and Sufficient Water for All’. Despite of the pandemic, it could declare Asia’s commitment to resolve water issues.
  10. 2023
    UN Water Conference
    AWC officially received a special accreditation by UN General Assembly to participate in the UN 2023 Water Conference, approved its side event inside UN headquarters, and finally held the event successfully on March 23, 2023. In other words, AWC significantly contributed to the Water Action Agendas.