Water Project

Water Project

Special committees participate WP from planning to implementation stage

Selecting criteria: Applicability, Implementation management, Expected outcome

Water Project

AWC regularly calls for proposals for the WPs under the overarching topic from prospective target regions (applicants will mainly be governmental bodies or local authorities). SC members will review submitted proposals with criteria

According to the procedure of project implementation, AWC Water Projects will be divided into two categories:

· SC Led Project: the entire project process is carried out by the AWC Special Committee from initiation to the Master Plan. Based on the Master Plan, the project will be carried out by an Implementation Committee formed based on BoC approval.

· SC Supported Project: the project which had been already planned or initiated by AWC member organizations can also be the AWC WP as long as the project goes in collaboration with the AWC SCs. The projects should align with the values and aim of the AWC Water Project; the SC is serving as an advisor throughout the process.

During the process, it is important to note that AWC and its members do not seek their own benefits or business opportunities from AWC activities. In this regard, AWC will guide the process and the secretariat will coordinate it.

The AWC Water Project has no universally applied duration but the SCs are strongly recommended to finish within a year after its selection by the Board.

14 Water Projects were proposed by governments and member organizations

Four(3) S/C led projects by special committees.


Additionally, three(4) S/C supported projects proposed in the form of CSR and ODA.


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