AWC aims to set Asian water issues as the primary global water agenda. AWC special committees have their members whose expertise align with each field of special committee.

PFIs are created by the SCs based upon heavy discussion and insightful communication with all members. PFIs focus on current Asian water issues that can be resolved by the AWC.

Selected PFIs are required to be detailed and action oriented Asian water agenda with tangible plans. To develop PFIs with grounded action plans, various kinds of activities are designed by the SCs throughout the duration. Duration of the PFI is not clearly fixe but recommend to be achieve its goal in 1 or 2 year.

PFIs will be disseminated and shared with global water partners and relevant AWC potential members through SC’s session organization in the international water events and fora. It is also possible through the publication of article and journal according to what has been developed in the SC working process.

PFIs are the distinctive and specialized water agenda that the AWC deal with as the core topic for designated duration and SCs continuously work and develop for this primary water agenda through their activities.

29 Priority for implementations(PFIs) initially proposed by 7 Special Committees

9 PFIs selected by Special Committees and approved by BoC


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